Emma Burt is a Cambridgeshire based textile designer who creates unique, abstract, mixed media paintings and hand dyed silk weaves.

Her contemporary designs focus on the intense colours found within nature, engaging the viewer through a combination of texture, pattern and tone. From a distance Emma’s distinct, abstract style can be described as a wash of colour and contrast, but take a closer look and you will see fine details and intricate elements which dance under the eye. This innovative style of creating has earned her many awards, including three commendation awards from the renowned Bradford Textile Society.

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After studying Textiles and Innovative Design at Loughborough University, where she was awarded the Enterprise Award for Textiles, Emma gained further inspiration from travelling through South East Asia and Australasia. The contrast between all the countries she visited has created a varied source for projects, ideas and work.
The French Colonial architecture, steep-sided mountains; hand-made silk and cotton textile markets and the wonderful chaos of Asia. The carefully planned layouts of the cities in Australia in contrast with their food markets, open beaches, rugged coastlines and woodlands of trees so tall… And finally New Zealand with its dramatic landscapes, ice-blue waters, coloured lakes, vast open skies and sunsets. All together, travelling drives Emma, firing her imagination.

“I believe there is an intrinsic link between art, design and the natural environment.
Woven design combines everything I love about art and design as the natural environment translates really easily into textile.”


In 2012 Emma exhibited at the exclusive New Designers in London, receiving positive reactions for her use of contrasting bold colours and intricate design.

Emma continues to use her experiences of growing up in Australia and her love of the Cornish coast to create designs themed around the beach and sea which appeal to all those who love the pattern, colour and textures of contemporary seascapes.

“Almost all of the work I’ve done to date has been inspired by nature, and will continue to be so in the future.”

Most recently she has launched a project management aspect to her business, offering design advice for both interior and exterior spaces- focusing on increasing the mental well-being of members of the public.


Emma currently works from her home studio in the village of Helpston and at the Future Business Centre, Peterborough, where she welcomes visitors to view her permanent exhibition.


For commissions or for further information please contact Emma via email at emma@emmaburt.co.uk.