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Open Studios!

Open Studios!

It’s that time of year again…where the local artists of Peterborough open their studios and gardens to the public! I absolutely loved being part of PAOS last year and so for the next three weekends – the 24/25th of June, 1/2nd and the 8/9th of July – my work will be exhibited at ‘The Annex’ in Helpston, Peterborough (signs will lead the way).

Come along and see a range of my work from paintings to woven pieces as well as crafts and cards. I’ll be working away on one of my new pieces so come and say hi!


Photography by Vannesa Haines.

Lino Printing workshop

Lino Printing workshop

Another gorgeous day spent being creative! It was such lovely weather we decided to get outdoors… It’s always so great to see the different ways that people work and the variety of outcomes they produce. A wonderfully therapeutic method and media to work with.

photo 5 photo 4


ESC Artists Craft Market

ESC Artists Craft Market

photo 1 photo 2

A fantastic day at the Stamford Arts Centre ballroom, showcasing a range of beautiful work from local artists!

It was my first craft fair and a really interesting day. The layout was fantastic and everyone loved the fact that the artist’s work were so spread out and mixed together.

We will be exhibiting again, as a group- this Autumn in the Stamford Art’s Centre Gallery from Wednesday the 25th of October to the 3rd of November. Another Artist Craft Market will then take place on Saturday the 4th of November. For more information, please visit their website here.

Hope to see you there!

Printed Papers workshops finished!

Printed Papers workshops finished!

For the last few months I’ve been running a series of workshops; from life drawing to embroidery, and they’ve been fantastic!!!







With a focus on encouraging people to try new things and produce what they never thought they could- this series of creative classes was a complete success.

‘Had a fabulous day being creative with textiles at the embroidery workshop held in The Annex with Emma whose enthusiasm is inspirational. With her tuition, guidance and six hours I managed to produce a passable piece of artwork! A bonus for me was learning how to do free-style embroidery using a sewing machine.’

‘This was the second time I have had the pleasure of attending one of
Emma’s art sessions in her delightful studio. The lunch is
delicious, the atmosphere is relaxed and non-judgemental. Emma gently
guides you into new mark making ideas and ways of expressing what you

‘Thanks Emma, really enjoyed the day! Will see you again!’

‘Emma- I must say thank you for such an interesting and very enjoyable day learning about life
drawing ‘with a twist’. I certainly improved my technique. The whole day was wonderful, and that
includes the lunch, muffins and endless drinks. Thanks again, and I look forward to signing up for
more sessions’

‘Lovely day again and gave us a new take on stitching.’

Coming soon, my new series- ‘Contemporary Classics’.
This series will look predominantly at crafts, but again with an innovative approach so that people might see how a traditional method might be used for contemporary art and design. All workshops are held in my very own studio and come with home-made treats…


For more information, please email Emma at


End of an era, end of an internship.

End of an era, end of an internship.

After three and a half months, my internship at Small Works is over!

Small Works is a project that has been set up by Clear Village in both King’s Cross and Victoria, London. Both allow access for small organisations (with a focus on community led work) to cheaper desk rental; with the stipulation that all groups do ‘give back’ projects that directly enhance the lives of the local communities.

I had such an incredible time working with the team in King’s Cross, London. It gave me the opportunity to see how a project was researched, developed and delivered- from beginning to end. The local community were amazing and it was such a pleasure to get to know them all.

I was involved with a conference about people and place, I helped deliver a fantastic Project Soup; and I was also able to contribute and learn about the daily running of a small business hub.
Below is a testimonial from my Project Manager, whom I shadowed for the 3 months:

“During Emma’s internship, she worked closely with our Community Managers on the Small Works program. I know first-hand that Emma performs with aplomb in challenging situations. Whether it’s working on the ground; driving new outreach initiatives, supporting the core team at our annual conference or working alongside partner organisations on innovative solutions to crowd-funding, hyper-local projects. She is a scientific humanist, with a genuine caring for others. It should come as no surprise that Emma is well-liked and admired by her peers.”


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Re-design at The Bluebell Pub, Helpston

Re-design at The Bluebell Pub, Helpston

image (7) IMG_0486

image (8) IMG_0495


image (19)IMG_0491


A brilliant project – re-designing the entrance way of a lovely local pub.
The aim was to create a cleaner, more interesting space that welcomes people in. Inspired by the ‘traditional pub’ style- dark greens, reds and darker woods but with a modern and fresh twist. In introducing the white, the space still feels light and airy and adds a crisp, clean finish.
The addition of a window from the entrance to the bar allows the natural light to come through into the bar area and opens up the space. It’s also a great point of interest.

I hope that people will enjoy this space as much as I enjoyed re-designing it.


‘Emma- thank you for the excellent job you did on both the design and overseeing of the work to refurbish the entrance lobby of The Bluebell.We are really pleased with the ‘new look’ and many of our customers have commented how welcoming the entrance now is.
Thank you once again.’

Internship with Clear Village, London.

Internship with Clear Village, London.

I’ve recently started working alongside ‘Small Works’, a project run by Clear Village.

The aim of the project is to push forwards urban regeneration through creative means. They are based in several areas in London. I’m currently working with their King’s Cross team with the hope of enhancing their local communities through projects that give the local residents opportunities and inspiration.

My ethos is one of people and place, spaces and mental well-being. This internship has been the perfect way to learn from similar organisations in different areas, to see how they work and the ideas they put forward.

Abstract Papers workshop

Abstract Papers workshop

image (11)






A wonderful day teaching different methods of working with papers in Maxey, Peterborough.

Working with different media and techniques of printing to create a beautiful range of work.
Absolutely loved it!

Mural at PECT- Peterborough Environmental City Trust

Mural at PECT- Peterborough Environmental City Trust

image[2] image[1] image












My newest project – a mural with PECT in Peterborough.

I was asked to produce a painting for the reception area of PECT that showed the green aspects of the city and what Peterborough meant to the local people.
Whilst at the Green Festival in August(run by PECT), I asked a range of the local community what they thought visually represented the city. As seen in the mural, the main buildings of Peterborough are included but with the twist of turning into trees and plants, showing that throughout the city – there is an environmental focus. Due to the ethos of PECT and also my own business – I used 100% recycled paint throughout the mural. Thanks goes to CCORN in March, a brilliant recycle and re-use centre.

I loved doing this project, not only because PECT are such a fantastic charity, but also because of the people I met and the idea’s they gave me.