Mural at PECT- Peterborough Environmental City Trust

Mural at PECT- Peterborough Environmental City Trust

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My newest project – a mural with PECT in Peterborough.

I was asked to produce a painting for the reception area of PECT that showed the green aspects of the city and what Peterborough meant to the local people.
Whilst at the Green Festival in August(run by PECT), I asked a range of the local community what they thought visually represented the city. As seen in the mural, the main buildings of Peterborough are included but with the twist of turning into trees and plants, showing that throughout the city – there is an environmental focus. Due to the ethos of PECT and also my own business – I used 100% recycled paint throughout the mural. Thanks goes to CCORN in March, a brilliant recycle and re-use centre.

I loved doing this project, not only because PECT are such a fantastic charity, but also because of the people I met and the idea’s they gave me.

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