Project Management

Project Management

People are reactive to their environments.

The Hawthorne Theory, one of many scientific studies proving this concept, inspired the creation of a project management aspect to Emma Burt Designs- founded to meet the demands of individuals, companies and communities looking to positively improve their surroundings.

Emma’s passion for enhancing spaces stems from her love of Architextiles- the combination of architectural and textile design, which peaked her interest whilst studying at Loughborough University. Her work focuses on informing a space with an art and design purpose, whilst translating the outdoors to indoors.

Allow Emma to visit your professional, private or communal space and she will use her art and design background to consult with you on how best to enhance your environment using aspects of light, colour, texture and pattern. She will consider dimensions, purpose and interactions within the space to create an outline of improvements and provide advice on how to utilise the space more efficiently.

Creating access to a comfortable space or a stimulating atmosphere, whether that may be in offices, parks, gardens or homes, can greatly improve a person’s mental well-being. Other benefits of altering a space include provoking thought and interaction through creating a sense of community and pride. Furthermore in a corporate environment both motivation and productivity are hugely increased.

Testimonial for the redesign of the Bluebell in Helpston:

‘Emma- thank you for the excellent job you did on both the design and overseeing of the work to refurbish the entrance lobby of The Bluebell. We are really pleased with the ‘new look’ and many of our customers have commented how welcoming the entrance now is.
Thank you once again.’


For more information on Emma’s project management work, please email